How to use the Hass food waste shredder

Get to know HASS, a food waste shredder. ​ ​

The machine will break food waste into organic fertilizer within 24 hours by using microorganisms as digesters ( microorganisms have been researched. Patented and manufactured in South Korea )

2 types of food that should not be eaten

  1. Liquids such as soups, broths, oils, juices, etc.

  2. Hard food waste such as bones, shells, crab shells, hard fruit pellets, cashew nuts, durian seeds, mango peels, etc.
    • The amount of food scraps put into it should not exceed 1-2 kg per day.

    • Do not scoop the fertilizer until the bucket is empty. Must be left not lower than the horizontal axis of the stirring impeller.

    • The amount of fertilizer in the tank will gradually increase every day to the full limit, then we slowly scoop out the fertilizer for use or keep it in reserve.

Let’s compare this machine to our stomach that digests the symptoms we eat. When putting food scraps into the microbial machine – it will work to digest food scraps into fertilizer within hours.

We do not need to add microorganisms again, thus truly eliminating food waste through Circular Living.

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