Terms and Conditions for Online Shopping


The terms and conditions for online purchases are stated below. It is an agreement between Abraham Ventures Company Limited and the customer.

1. Definition
“Company” means Abraham Ventures Company Limited, including the Company’s Official Designated Supplier.
“Customer” means any person, juristic person, company, partnership or entity that makes purchase orders or receives services with the Company.
“Product” means any other product or service that the Company sells on this website.
“Website” means the website “www.hassthailand.com”.
“Product price” means the price of the product before any discounts are deducted. or the price of the product that is in the promotion, excluding shipping costs
“Discount” means a discount on the product price. or from the accumulated points or from a discount coupon or from the company’s marketing promotion program
“Parties” means the Company and the Customer.


2. General Agreement
2.1. The Company reserves the right to amend this Agreement. as well as product warranty conditions and details that may occur in the future without having to inform the customer in advance
2.2. continued use of this website, whether in whole or in part, or just for a while It is deemed that the customer acknowledges and agrees to this Agreement in all respects. If the Customer does not agree with this Agreement, including the revised Agreement, The customer can stop using this website at any time.
2.3. This Agreement It is considered a contract of sale of goods and/or products. and/or services between the company and the customer based on the details appearing under this Agreement If any agreement between the company and the customer conflicts or is different from this Agreement, the Company and the Customer agree to rely mainly on this Agreement.
2.4. To access this website The company reserves the right to refuse to sell products. with persons under the age of 18 and/or customers who are insane or is a person who is incapable of doing juristic acts according to the law
2.5. When the customer accesses this website The Company assumes that the Client accepts all terms and conditions of this Agreement. And the customer agrees to allow the company to manage the customer’s information. Whether the customer has registered while using the website before or not.
2.6. Placing an order and/or rejection and/or cancellation of the product It is done by the customer. The customer is bound by the said order in all respects.
2.7. The company has checked the accuracy of the product, product information, product photos. that appear in the catalog or descriptions on the website If there are errors which may be caused by printing, color or packaging. The company is only a preliminary presentation to serve as a guideline for customers only. The company does not consider such errors. is an agreement to trade


3. Intellectual Property
3.1. The Client acknowledges and understands that all information, news, images, photographs, software, fonts, website layouts and other media are protected by intellectual property, copyright or other relevant laws. The customer agrees not to copy, modify, modify, add information. or doing any other act that infringes intellectual property related to the product and/or unlawful without permission from the company If the Customer breaches this Agreement The company has the right to claim damages. and/or allow the customer to act as the Company deems appropriate The customer agrees not to exercise any right to object.


4. Product price and payment
4.1. Product, product description, price and product size that appear on this website The company reserves the right to change without prior notice to the customer.
4.2. Products displayed on the website If the product runs out from time to time or no product The Company reserves the right to retain the Customer’s order until the Products ordered by the Customer are available in the Company’s stock. or the company and the customer will agree otherwise.
4.3. All images and product information displayed on this website. It is displayed as is. and is used solely for the purpose of showing the customer the appearance of the product only. The actual size, quality, height and color of the product may differ from what appears on the website.
4.4. When a customer completes an order for a product as specified on the website, such order is deemed to be a purchase offer only by the customer. The Company is not obligated to supply products to customers until the Company has agreed. Or have already accepted the customer’s order only.
4.5. The Company may cancel the Customer’s order. If it appears that the product does not exist or discontinue production or any other reason that makes the company unable to accept orders with customers The company will notify such problems to customers. to make a refund or procuring other products as a replacement for customers following the system


5. Payment
5.1. The price of the goods for which the purchase and/or service has been agreed upon It will be considered as a fixed price only when the customer completes the order until all the steps have been completed. Customers can pay through the following channels
· Credit card, debit card
· Bank payment
Others according to the conditions specified by the company
5.2. In the event that the customer pays by debit card or debit card, the customer must pay in full in accordance with the information, product code and complete amount as shown on the website. If the customer does not pay within the specified period or incomplete The company reserves the right to cancel the customer’s order.


6. Shipping
6.1. Products will be delivered to the customer at the address specified by the customer on the website. The company may notify the customer of the product delivery via Line, email or SMS and other channels. specified by the company
6.2. If the customer places an order and has

The payment must be completed by 5:00 p.m. on that day. Products will be prepared and delivered as quickly as possible to the customer. within 1 – 4 days (excluding Saturday and Sunday holidays) and public holidays)
6.3. Delivery of products to customers Sometimes it may be affected by a delay from force majeure, either from natural disasters or political impacts. This results in a delay in delivery of more than 5 business days. The company will coordinate with the private transport company. to fix the problem for customers to receive products as quickly as possible
6.4. When the customer receives notification of the delivery of goods from the company The product will be delivered to the delivery destination address. as specified by the customer in the purchase order process only We reserve the right to change the delivery address. when the goods are being delivered by a private transport company


7. Responsibility Terms
7.1. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage after the goods or services have been delivered to the Customer.
7.2. All images and product information displayed on this website. It is displayed as is. This is not a warranty for goods or services of any kind, express or implied.


8. Returns, Refunds
8.1. The company reserves the right not to accept any return of goods or services, including refunds to the customer after the goods or services have been delivered to the customer. Unless it can be proven that damage or loss has occurred prior to delivery only.

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