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How does a food waste disposal machine help reduce global warming?

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It is undeniable that today’s global warming problem is an important factor that changes the way of life for everything on Earth. Soon we will start to see the news that the polar ice is melting. Summer is getting hotter every day. Water scarcity is becoming more and more severe every year. Soon it may reach the point that scientists call the Point of No Return. And what will our world be like? How will we and our children live together?

Let’s save the world by reducing food waste or get rid of food waste properly and add value. Let’s start with “Reduce” – starting from the beginning, use less amount. It will help reduce food waste to a considerable extent, and if leftovers will really have to be discarded. It must be strictly separated from other debris, because otherwise it will go and contaminate other waste. that can be sorted and used to Reuse or Recycle, making good waste again, and if we can manage this bad food waste properly and creatively to help the environment By using it to compost to make fertilizer, it will be very useful. But still, composting food scraps to make fertilizer It’s not easy to do. Just like saying There must be enough space It takes at least 30-60 days. There is an unpleasant smell, rats, ants, insects to disturb, but if there is equipment that saves time, effort and hassle. It would be wonderful.

We would like to offer a machine that will dispose of food waste in the correct, convenient, fast, odorless way. Free from ants, insects and other animals to disturb, that is the innovative HASS food waste shredder from South Korea. Which is one of the most advanced countries in the world in the field of food waste disposal. The HASS Food Waste Composter uses microorganisms that have been researched for a long time by world-class researchers from Korea as a species that diligently decomposes scraps. fast food and less smell It is a hero in digesting food waste quickly within 6 – 24 hours. 

The machine has a beautiful, modern design that consumes less energy. It can be conveniently placed in the kitchen in the house because of its advanced 3-step disinfection and deodorization system. 1) UV C 2) Ozone and 3) Metal Oxidation filtration system that does not require filter replacement. It is a state-of-the-art disinfection and deodorization system that is hard to find in comparison. And there is no need to continuously add microorganisms. because the microorganisms in the machine will continue to increase When we put food scraps into the machine And when the bucket is full of fertilizer, we scoop it out to use. Getting rid of garbage, food waste, and stinging is not difficult anymore.

HASS Food Waste Composter HFC-250M is therefore an option that will make waste disposal of every household easier than ever. If interested, inquire or be part of the disposal of food waste. And people who reduce global warming together, please contact


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