HASS Food Waste Composter HCC-100D (10kg/day) For commercial use



To reduce the pollution and food waste by turn it into organic fertiliser.

กำจัดขยะอาหารได้ 3.65 ตัน / ปีประหยัดไฟและค่าบำรุงรักษา

To reduce the food waste up to 3.65 tons/year, saving energy and maintenance cost.


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How to get rid of your food waste these days?

 Are you facing these issues?

  1. The cost of a sewage treatment vehicle to pick up your dumpster is significantly high.
  2. Wastewater is causing odours, pestilence, and transmissive diseases.
  3. Trade in food waste for further use of oil.


To dispose of these problems with the HASS Food Composter that is created for commercial and industrial applications.

Make your contribution to sustain our earth.

Compost your food waste with our natural microorganisms.


Our Commercial and Industrial composting machine is ready to assist you in decomposing food waste into fertilisers.

Commercial usage examples

HASS Food Composter is both large scale composter/commercial composting machine that designed to be used to decompose food waste in all types of small-scale commercial kitchen applications, such as:

  1. Barbeque/buffet restaurants
  2. Normal Restaurants
  3. Canteens
  4. Schools
  5. Ocean liners
  6. Hotels

The food waste commercial composter could accommodate for about 100 people per day per machine.


How does the large-scale composting machine work?

Principle of operation

  1. Open the lid and dispose of your food waste into the machine. After the lid is closed, the front display will show the machine’s working status, and the machine will start to heat up inside the tank to distribute heat evenly. This is to create a sterile environment for the decomposition of food waste to occur fully. (Some small remnants of food may be left behind, but this is not considered a malfunction of the machine.)
  2. After 24 hours of operation, food waste will be decomposed almost completely. Various gases and odours will go through a deodorization process and be released through the back of the machine. The released air will not pose any harm to the body as it would be disinfected in the UVC and Ozone process. The process will also make sure the gas would be as less odour as possible.
  3. After using it for a period, the fertiliser tank will begin to fill up. If the amount of fertiliser in the machine accumulates to the point that the “FULL” line is reached, press the “Discharge” button on the front panel to release the fertiliser for removal from the machine. (For more information on the fertiliser produced, refer to the manual included in the product box)

Our microorganisms that have been researched and found to be highly effective (has been patented)



Turn food waste into organic fertilisers.

Model: HCC-100D

Power: 220V

Maximum power consumption: 1100W


Decomposition method


Degradability: 10kg / day, 3.65 tons / year

Weight: 10kg

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